About us


About me

Hi, I’m Joanna, I’m living in Łódź- central polish city with a long textile traditions and the soul of old manufactures, factories and 4 cultures.

I graduated Art Academy in painting and fashion design. Following my interests in sensorics and SI therapy, practising yoga and studing the senses influence on babies growth, I had an idea to make a cuddly toy with differenet granules inside that affects the sense of touch.

I’ve been looking for the way of bringing together my artistic experience, responsible design and new passions, and this is how Kokodyl was born:) My inspirations are coming from my asian travels, some drawn out stories, illustrations and nature.

About products

We offer wide variety of sensory products, from little toys to big poufs or even whole sets of toy-pillows, which encourage children of all age to play in groups and develop they motor skills. All our works are designed to simulate children’s senses and promote sensory integration.

All materials are carefully selected to be safe for children.

Our products are produced exclusively in Poland.

Thank You for visiting Kokodyl!
Joanna Kaczmarek